The Town

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The town dates to about ad 600, and thrived as an agricultural centre. The history of Alnwick is the history of the castle and its lords, starting with Gilbert Tyson, written variously as "Tison", "Tisson", and "De Tesson", one of William the Conqueror's standard bearers, upon whom this northern estate was bestowed. It was held by the De Vesci family (now spelt "Vasey" – a name found all over south-east Northumberland) for over 200 years, and then passed into the hands of the house of Percy in 1309.


Barter Books

The bookshop is located within the Victorian Alnwick railway station, designed by William Bell and opened in 1887. It was in use until the closure of the Alnwick branch line in 1968. Barter Books was opened in 1991